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What are we learning about this half term?

Could you be the next great inventor?

Week 1 -What is an inventor?

Week 2 -Who invented the telephone?

Week 3 -Are there any other inventions we can find out about?

Jambo Bwana

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How is Africa different to England?

What is it like in Africa?

What would you see if you went on Safari?

Could you survive in the Sahara desert?

What is is like to be a child in Africa?


This half term will be learning all about Africa and how it is different from England. We will start our half term by looking at the climate and geographical features of Africa. The children said they want to learn about the water in Africa and find out whether it is clean or not. We will be learning about the animals that might be found in the Sahara and what it is like to be a child in Africa.



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Why is London our capital city?

Spring 1 -2019

Where is London and what is it like there?

Would you rather live in LE or London?

What happened in London in 1666?

Can you explain why London is so great?




Who can be the next big Palaeontologist?

Autumn 2 - 2018




This half term we will be asking ourselves the following questions:


Can we follow the dinosaur footprints?

Was the T-Rex the largest dinosaur of them all?

Were all dinosaurs deadly?

Can you make your own dinosaur documentary?

Would you make a good Palaeontologist?


This half term we will  find ourselves training to be Palaeontologists and we will undertake a study of dinosaurs and habitats.

Thank you so much for your kind donations and sponsorship from our previous topic- we are delighted to tell you that enough funds were raised so that we can invite a palaeontologist into school to work with your child in December!

We will be learning about the continents and world oceans and through this we are hoping to develop our independent research and map skills.


We will of course continue to focus on Reading, Writing and Maths and these areas will be incorporated into our topic focus. If you have any resources or knowledge which may be helpful, please let us know!

Our topic will finish when we have learnt everything we possibly can about dinosaurs and apply to become a palaeontologist! 


The links below will take you to some useful sites all about dinosaurs - these may be helpful for any work you wish to do at home.