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Writing at Parklands

The overall aim of the curriculum is to enable pupils to articulate their ideas and to express these in a written form with a focus on spelling and handwriting.


At Parklands, we teach our children to become effective writers through the following skills

  • Segmenting words and using phonics to write words
  • Handwriting skills including correct letter formation, size and consistency of letters
  • Grammar so that children can form coherent sentences and write using Standard English
  • Compositional skills including the forming of their ideas into sentences and organising them in a logical order
  • Editing and Drafting skills such as reviewing their own work and proof reading for spelling or grammatical errors.

Writing at Parklands

Spelling Bee!


At Parklands we want to raise the profile of spelling across the school. Learning to spell helps to cement the connection between the letters and their sounds, and learning high-frequency “sight words” improves both reading and writing.

Here are six reasons why spelling is important:

Communication: good spelling facilitates communication. By following the same rules for spelling words, we can all understand the text we read. 

Comprehension: accurate spelling avoids confusion. If the spelling is wrong, a word could be misinterpreted and then so could the whole meaning of the text.

Future: University and job applications letters that contain spelling errors are less likely to be considered.

Computer error: we can’t rely on computers to check our spelling. They get it wrong too.

Distraction: poor spelling distracts the reader and they lose focus. It’s hard to read a text for comprehension when it’s full of spelling errors.

Impressions last: when you have people read something you’ve written and that text is full of spelling errors, it does not leave a good impression. We should care about the fundamental part good spelling plays in our language.


As a result, we have had whole school Spelling Bees at the end of each Spring Half term with representatives from each year group competing against those in the same year group to win medals and certificates!


Lots of fun was had by all and the children were impressive with their spelling!



At Parklands we aim to promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all pupils across the school. All opportunities across the curriculum are exploited. The image below demonstrates some of the ways we promote this in both Reading and Writing.
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