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Greater than, less than and equal to


This week we have been recapping 'greater than', 'less than' and 'equal to' to compare numbers. On the document below, you will find an activity to complete.

Times tables

This week we have been learning our times tables. Start off by learning the 2 times tables and practise recognising how we know a number is in the 2 times table (always an even number, e.g. ends in 2,4,6,8,0).

Once you feel confident in learning the two times table, move on to the 5 times and 10 times table. You can find all of these times tables in the document below (05.10.20-09.10.20)


These times tables song are useful for remembering our times tables!





We have been reading 'Ronald the Rhino'. You can download this book from the documents underneath. Read the story so you can understand the characters. 

Story board.

Look at the pictures on the story board and write a summary in what was happening during this point in the book. Try not to look back at the story as this activity is to test your memory of the story. There is also a reading comprehension sheet to complete.



Nouns and adjectives

Underneath are two presentations to help you and your child to understand what nouns and adjectives are. At school, we have been learning that a noun is a person, place or object. An adjective is a describing word, e.g. 'the brown dog'.

Practise recognising nouns around the house. Can you use an adjective to describe your noun? For example, 'The white sofa', 'The large TV', 'The silly dog'. 

Expanded noun phrases

An expanded noun phrase is when two adjectives are placed together, e.g. The green, slimy snake. 

You must always use a comma between the two adjectives. In the document below, you will find a picture of the leopard, python and rhino from our story. Can you write expanded noun phrases to describe each character? e.g.

'There is a large, spotted giraffe lying peacefully on a branch'.

'I can see a green, slimy python sliding down the tree trunk'.

'On the ground, I can see a mighty, brave rhino'.