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07.12.20 - 11.12.20

Has anyone ever walked on the moon?



This week we are exploring planets! We will be reading 'Man on the moon'. Please take a look at the front cover and answer the following questions attached. 

After you have completed the 'Monday English' task, you can watch the story  being read on this link! https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=man+on+the+moon 


After you have listened to the story, can you create sentences with expanded noun phrases that describe the setting? You can even change the story if you like!

e.g. "As I stepped off the spaceship, I could see a dark, lonely planet".  



We are learning how to add using column method. Below are two attachments. The first attachment is column method without regrouping (without 'borrowing' a ten), the other document is trickier! 

Give each sheet a go and email them in using our class email address. 


We are researching all about Neil Armstrong!

Attached is a powerpoint that will give you some information. Your task is to use the internet to find as much information about Neil Armstrong as possible! Can you download 'Book Creator' on a device and create a fact file all about him? If you can't download apps then don't worry! You can make a poster either on Word, Powerpoint or even hand create one on an A4 piece of paper!