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What was it like to be a child during World War II?

This week we are focussing on World War II and Remembrance Day. Please go through these documents in day order and complete the activities attached.



Please go through the Remembrance Day powerpoint in order to complete the activity set. 

The activity is to write a range of adjectives (describing words) that represent the soldier, e.g. determined, exhausted, brave, hopeful, courageous, etc.


Tuesday: Recap Remembrance Day and why poppies are important. Explore how poppies represent the fallen soldiers.

The activity set is an image of a poppy. Write a set of expanded noun phrases (two adjectives in a sentence) inside the poppy to create a poem on each leaf. 

For example, The brave, determined soldiers marched to war. The elegant, red poppy grew gracefully out of the ground. 


Wednesday: Go through the powerpoint and explore how children would have felt during World War II and how life for them was extremely different to how we are growing up now. 

Create a discussion and write bullet points of facts to answer 'What was it like to be a child during World War II?'

Have a go at making your own poppy! Follow the instructions below under D&T (Design and Technology).


In maths, practise counting in multiples of 2,3,5 and 10! 




This week we are reading the story of Moses.

Read the story (in documents below) and tell another person in your house about the story! See how much you can remember! What did the story teach you? Why do you think this story is important to many people? Who is Moses? What did Moses do? Why did Moses do what he did?


Computing: Coding Club

I know how much our class love Coding Club! So you don't miss out, I've attached this week's task (below in documents). Download Scratch Junior on a phone or iPad and see if you can complete the task and the challenges! Try to use our key word: algorithm (a set of instructions).



See the document below. Read the text on the page with the shark and answer the questions below. 

Can you predict what might happen next?