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This week we will practice counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s from any number, forwards and backwards.

The children will also practice adding and subtracting.

Please see below an activity involving addition which you may complete. We will also be filling in missing numbers in number sequences. Please also find an activity below. You may also create your own number sequences and describe your patterns!


This week we will use our phonics to read and spell words. Please see the activities below!

We will also be answering the overarching question for our topic:

Which is mightier, the lion or the shark?

The children will write a letter (to whom they choose) convincing them as to why they think the lion or the shark is the mightiest!

For example,

Dear Mum,

I think the shark is the mightiest because it does not have one single bone in its entire body! Did you know that it has cartilage instead?  The habitat for a shark is the ocean. I have learned so much about the ocean! Did you know….