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12th - 16th October 2020


This week in Maths we will be looking at finding and making number bonds.

These are pairs of numbers that add up to a given number. 

Click on the link below to take you to an online ten frame. Try filling the ten frame with the aliens to show different ways of making 10. Then you can use the number tools to write the calculation. 

Try starting with 0+10 = 10 and ending with 10+0=10 so you find all the ways. 

You can also use the sheet below to practice using a part whole model. If you can't print the sheet, you could always draw the part whole models and write the number sentences yourself. 

 Read Write Inc

Some children are learning the next few sounds :

Set 1 sounds (y, w, th, z, ch)

Set 2 (ay, ee, igh, ow (as in snow) and oo (as in spoon)


 You could write some words with these sounds in to see if your child can read them. They could also practice spelling words with these sounds in.


We also practice the 'Red Word' spellings every day in Read Write Inc so you could have a go at those too - I, to, no, me, my, of, the.


This week in English we are learning about the difference between fiction and non-fiction books. 

A fiction book is a story and is not real, it does not contain facts. 

A non-fiction book gives us information about something and often contains real photographs as pictures. 

Could you sort some books at home into fiction and non-fiction? If you can't do this, have a look on a website for a bookshop and see if you can decide which books are fiction and which are non-fiction.


Read the sheet below about lions. Tell a grown up what you have learnt about lions by reading this non-fiction text. Remember to use the sounds you have learnt to help you with the reading. 

I would like you to use the facts you learnt about lions to write your own factsheet. You can use the information you have learnt but try not to copy the lion sheet, try to write your own sentences. 

You can use the template below or write and draw your own. 


This week in Geography we are answering the question 'Where in Long Eaton is Wally hiding?'

Use the sheet below to write some sentences about where Wally is. Use the knowledge you have learnt about Long Eaton to help you. 

As a challenge you could add detail to your sentences such as:

Wally is hiding in the park. He has been on the swing.

Wally is hiding in the school hall and he is going to see Class 4. 

**Remember to use finger spaces**


This week in Geography we are learning about compass points to build on our knowledge of the United Kingdom. Try completing the sheet below to help you learn the compass points.