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12th May 2021


The sounds for this week are; 


ai- snail in the rain 

oa-goat in a boat 

ew- chew the stew



We are looking at the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We will be drawing a simple story map to show what happens in the story. We will also be looking at writing sentences with the conjunctions and, but, so, because. Practise writing sentences with these conjunctions in. 



We are looking at time this week. We will be focussing on o'clock and half past. We will be using clocks to make different times and we will be drawing the hands on a clock to show o'clock and half past. 



We will be looking at the story of Noah's ark. Children will be learning what this story teaches Christians. We will be drawing a picture of the ark and some of the animals. Can your child re-tell parts of the story? 



We will be talking about what questions are and why it is important to ask questions. Can your child give suggestions of questions they might ask at home or at school?