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15th March 2021


Set 2 sounds for this week are; ow, oo (poo at the zoo), oo (look at a book), ar and or. 

Set 3 sounds for this week are; i-e, o-e, u-e, aw and are. 



This week we are; 

  • writing a factfile about one of their favourite things. 
  • practise writing their full name on lined paper. 
  • looking at the difference between questions and statements and writing 6 questions of their own. 
  • looking at a 'busy' picture (attached) and write some sentences about what you can see. 
  • playing bingo using the spellings. 



This week we are; 

  • finding missing numbers on a 100 square grid- we will be trying to put the cut up hundred square back together. 
  • looking at two-digit numbers and developing understanding of tens and ones. 
  • ordering three numbers and talking about smallest/largest/less/more. 


In the afternoons we will be continuing to focus on the PSHE area. We will be playing games and working together as a team/small group. We will also be doing art and crafts.