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16th - 20th November 2020


This week in English we are going to be using a system called Colourful Semantics. It breaks sentences down into parts. 

At the start of the week we will be learning about the orange part and the yellow part. Orange is Who? and yellow is What doing?

For example

Orange - The boy

Yellow - is running. 

The children will practise putting the two parts together to build a sentence. Use the pictures in the documents below to help your child practise saying the sentences orally. After that, get them to write the sentences, underlining each part in the correct colour. 


This week in Maths we are continuing with subtraction. We will be using the part whole model to work these out. The worksheet below shows the kind of activity we will be doing. You could draw a part whole model and use coins, buttons or other small objects to work out the answers. 

Draw some part whole models for your child. Fill in the whole and one part. See if they can find the missing part using a drawn part whole model and something to count with. 

If they can do that, challenge them to write the subtraction number sentence to go with it. 

Art and Design

This week in Art we will be learning about the artist Kandinsky. Below is a powerpoint to watch so you can learn all about him. 

In class we will be creating pieces of art in the style of Kandinsky's work Concentric Circles. You can see a picture of this below. Ask your child to create their own piece of art in this style. 


In RE this week we will be thinking about what Christians believe God helps them to do. 

Below is the powerpoint story of The Prodigal Son. Read it with your child and talk about how Christians believe God helps them to forgive people when they do something wrong. See if your child can write a sentence or two to explain this.