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The children will be learning these sounds over the week.

Set 1 sounds- qu, ng, nk

Set 2 sounds

oo- poo at the zoo!

oo- look at a book

ar- start the car

or- shut the door

Encourage your child to practise spelling words with these sounds.

Can they find objects around the house that have the sound in?

Can they draw a picture of something that has the sound in?

Can they write a simple sentence containing a word with the sound in?


Non-Fiction Texts

We are learning about information books.

-Can you find a range of different books/magazines and sort them into two groups- fiction (stories) and non-fiction (information books)

-Can you talk with your grown-up about the different features of a non-fiction book?

-Can you make your own information booklet about Long Eaton? You could call it 'All About Long Eaton'. This will also help to consolidate our Where's Wally topic about Long Eaton!


Number bonds

Number bonds are pairs of numbers that make up a given number. For example;



We are teaching the children that there are different ways of making a given number. Can you help your child to work in systematic way as outlined below.

-Can you collect 6 objects from around your house- this can be pasta, cars, building blocks, straws.

-Can you ask a grown up to draw you a 10 frame like this;











-put the objects in the ten frame.

-Count the objects and write the first number sentence


-Take one object off the ten frame and place it at the side.

-Count the objects on the ten frame and the objects off the ten frame and write the number sentence;


-Continue to do this until all of the objects are off the ten frame and each number sentence has been written.

Challenge: can you then try this with 10 objects and repeat the process in a systematic way?

Harvest Festival

This week Year 1 would normally have been holding a Harvest festival. Due to the Covid restrictions this will not be able to go ahead. The children in school will be learning about Harvest and writing a poem.

-Can you find out some information to answer the question; What is harvest?

-Can you make an acrostic poem

Like this,

H is for

A is for

Religious Education

We will be having an RE week in school. Each afternoon the children will be taking part in RE lessons to help them to understand the question: what is important to you?

-can you choose something that is important to you and say why it is important? Can you send us a picture of it?

-Watch the PowerPoints/videos below. Can you draw a poster, which shows some of the things that are important to Sikhs, Christians and Muslims? We would suggest focussing on one of the religions each day. You could add to the poster each day.


If able, please email us your work to the class email address! We would love to see it!