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19th - 22nd October 2020


This week we are still looking at non-fiction texts. 

We are learning about the features of a non-fiction book such as a heading, contents page, index, factbox and photographs. 

If you have a non-fiction book at home, have a look at it and see if you can find these features. 

Below you will find a worksheet we have done in class that you can print out if you like. Children were asked to label the features mentioned above. 



We will still be working on number bonds for the first part of this week. 

We will be asking the children to use a ten frame and counters to find the missing number in some number bonds. 

For example:

___ + 1 = 9

___ + 4 = 9

You could give your child some questions like this using different totals. Draw them a ten frame like this:


Use some objects from around the house to make the number on the ten frame, in my examples it is 9. Show them how to take away the 1 they are given and put it at the side. How many are left? When the child counts 8, they can see that the missing number is 8. 


Read Write Inc

The children are learning the next few sounds :

Set 1 sounds (ch, qu, x, ng)

Set 2  oo (as in spoon), oo (as in book), ar, or)


 You could write some words with these sounds in to see if your child can read them. They could also practice spelling words with these sounds in.


We also practice the 'Red Word' spellings every day in Read Write Inc so you could have a go at those too - I, to, no, me, my, of, the. These words will be added to after half term so it is important that your child can read and write all of these now. 


RE Week

This week is RE week and the children will be starting the week with thinking about what is important to them. 

Ask your child to choose something that is important to them. maybe they could take a picture of it and send it to me? Can they write about what it is and why it is important?


We will be looking at three of the world religions this week and the children will be learning about what is important to a Christian, a Sikh and a Muslim. Ask your child to make a poster about the objects or festivals that are important to each religion, we suggest looking at one religion each day. You could make a poster for each one, or one big one that shows all the religions. The children can print or draw pictures and label them. 


There are some powerpoints below that may help you with this work. 








Harvest Festival

This week Year 1 would normally have been holding a Harvest Festival. Unfortunately, due to the Covid restrictions this will not be able to go ahead. The children in school will be learning about Harvest and writing a poem.

Can you find out some information to answer the question 'What is harvest?'

Can you make an acrostic poem? This where you spell the word Harvest going down and write a word of a sentence that begins with each letter of the word. The words/sentences need to relate to the festival of harvest.

For example:

Happy farmers bringing in the crops

All the fruit and vegetables

Ripe tomatoes  etc