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26th - 30th April 2021



This week we are looking at rhyme. Look at the book The Smartest Giant in Town. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gw-wfxFrfA


-Can you join in with the repeated lines and rhymes?

-Can you highlight the rhyming words?

-Can you sort rhyming word cards?

-Can you think of your own rhyming words?

-Can you create your own line for the story?




This week we are looking at 2-digit numbers to 100. Look at some of the resources to complete.



This week we are looking at the human body.


-Can you name body parts. You could draw around your body or draw a body outline and add labels. You could stick labels to yourself or someone else.

-Can you name the 5 senses and name the body part used?

-Can you use your senses and go on a hunt? What can you smell, taste, touch, see and hear? Can you describe them?