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2nd - 6th November 2020


This week in English we are looking at the text 'Aliens love Underpants' The book can be found here:


Encourage your child to design their own alien - the stranger the better! They could make their alien out of junk modelling materials (anything you might put in your recycling bin - cardboard tubes/boxes, yoghurt pots etc) They could use paint, collage or felt tips/crayons to give their alien some colour. We would also like them to write some simple sentences to describe their alien using finger spaces! 

Your child could also create a new book 'Aliens love _____' They could draw pictures from their new story and write sentences to explain what is happening.


There is a sheet at the bottom of the page with some alien pictures on. If you would like to, you can print it out and write about them.


There is also a reading activity based on aliens. If you can't print it out, the children could read it on the screen. They have to read the sentence and decide which word fits in the gap. Please try to encourage your child to read this independently. There are three different levels, you could choose one or do them all!


Read Write Inc

Encourage your child to spell words using a range of Set 1 or Set 2 sounds (please email to find out which Set your child is in if they are unsure)



We are learning about number bonds this week. 

Ask your child to draw a part part whole model. Can they show number bonds to 8 using a part part whole model? They could use objects like dried pasta, counters etc to show the different parts.

We will also be learning how to find a part if we have one part and the whole. 

There are some worksheets below you can print if you like. 



Our new topic is Science based. This week we are learning about materials. 

Can your child name common materials? - plastic, wood, metal, glass, rock, water

Ask them to find things around home/ garden made out of those materials. They could use post-its to make labels to stick on the different materials. We would love to see photos of things they have found and labelled.



Our learning objective for RE this week is: 

By the end of the lesson you will be able to identify a special time when you celebrate.

CHALLENGE-Can you write about how you celebrate?

Ask your child to draw a picture of a celebration (Birthday etc) and write about how they celebrate e.g blowing out candles on a cake