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30.11.20 - 04.12.20

What happened to the Titanic?



Please read through the attachments below to find out all about the Titanic! 

Then, please complete the timeline below to sequence the events of the titanic disaster.

Can you use the key words of before, after, past, present, then and now when you write about the events?



We are beginning to learn our Christmas play, The Grinch! The children will be reading lines from The Grinch and will also be performing it as actors!


Please find attached the play script that your child needs to learn. The children need to recite the story and then they will be writing their own Christmas ending in our English lessons.


In maths, we are learning to add and subtract a one digit number to/from a two digit number using column method. Please find the attached sheet below which explains what column method is. If your child is finding adding a one digit number too easy then please move on to the next sheet 'Adding two two digit numbers'.