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30th November - 4th December 2020


This week in English we will be starting a Talk for Writing unit on The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. 

Below is a storytelling video of this story if you have not got the book. 

Read or listen to the story and then have a go at drawing a story map for it. If you're not sure what a story map is, there is an example below.


Can you retell the story? You could try making your own book or creating a story on the computer. You could also create your own version by changing the foods that he eats and adding your own illustrations.



This week in Maths we will be continuing with subtraction. 

We will start with subtraction on a number line. The children have been learning how to count back on a number, drawing or using their finger to show the jumps. 

Draw a number line to 0 - 10 for your child and give them some subtraction number sentences to complete. 

Easy - missing number at the end eg 7 - 3 = ___

Medium - missing number in the middle eg 8 - ___ = 2 

Hard - missing number at the beginning eg ___ - 4 = 6 - For these the children have been taught that if the missing number is at the beginning, they have to jump forwards. 


We have also been looking at finding the difference. You could choose 2 sets of objects from home or draw pictures. These could be objects like socks or spoons! You could draw or line up objects to help you. Or you could use a number line to count on or back to find the difference between the 2 numbers. See the example document below to help you.



This week we have been looking at the Christmas story to find out why Christians celebrate Christmas. Look at the Power Point to read the story.


We have also been discussing Christmas traditions. Can you draw and write about some of your family traditions?