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4th - 7th May 2021



This week we are comparing and ordering 2-digit numbers to 100.

-Can you choose 2 random numbers to compare using < = >? 

-Can you order 3 or 4 random numbers?


We are practicing our number bonds. 

-Can you recall the number bods to 10?

-Can you recall the number bonds to 20?

-Can you use your number bonds to apply them to 100? E.g. 4+6=10 so 40+60=100




This week we are look at poetry. 


-Can you create a silly poem with questions and answers. look at the link and sheet to help you?

-We have been using alliteration to create an animal movements poem. Can you think of animals and movements starting with the same letter to create a poem. E.g. snakes slither and cats creep.