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4th -8th July 2021



This week we are looking at halves and quarters. 


- Can you find half or a quarter of a shape? You could draw shapes or fold paper shapes. Is there more than one way?

- Can you find half or quarter of an amount? You could use every day objects to help you.

-Can you recall doubles and halves facts mentally? Remember they are the inverse/ opposite to each other.




This week we are looking at poetry.


-Look at the poems on the PowerPoint. What patterns can you see?

-Can you create an acrostic poem about a meerkat or another animal? These poems have a word or line for every letter of the animal name.

-Can you create a senses poem about the desert or Arctic? Can you think of a line for each of the 5 senses?

Look at the Power Point for an example of each.