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8th March 2021

This week we are spending lots of time focussing on mental health and wellbeing. 

We are focussing on the children's social and communication skills and their physical skills.

Predominantly, the children will be spending time rebuilding and rekindling friendships, engaging in conversation to develop their conversational skills and playing games to reinforce turn-taking, sharing and enjoying themselves!

We will be looking at the Colour Monster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6wIEp-M4tg

and completing lots of activities related to this such as discussing our feelings and how they make our bodies feel. We will also be talking about things we are worried about, what we can do if we have a worry. We will also be focussing on our positive qualities and thinking ahead about what we are looking forward to!

We have an external coach providing fitness sessions on Tuesday afternoon. Other physical activities involve cutting skills and steps2summit.