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9th - 13th November 2020


In English this week we will be looking at some basic skills. We are starting the week sorting words into real words and alien words. 

There are three different sets of words below, getting progressively more difficult. You could try them all or email to find out which one is most suitable for your child. 

There is also a sorting sheet to print out. 

If you are unable to print, your child can still read the words and write them down into a real list and an alien words list. 

This week we are learning about what capital letters look like. We are practising by matching lower case letters to their uppercase equivalent. 

Below is a worksheet you can print if you like and also an online game for your child to play. 

If your child has completed the activity above, maybe you could try writing the lower case letters and see if they can write the corresponding capital letter. 


At the start of the week we are continuing to work on number bonds to 10, particularly on our quick recall of them. You could play a game with your child where you say a number (between 0 and 10) and they have to quickly say the number that goes with it to make the bond. 

Eg if you say 9, they quickly say 1. 

We have started to look this week at some simple subtraction using pictures. 

For example I drew 7 cookies on the board. The children copied these onto their whiteboards. 

The we talked about how many there were. 

I wrote 'There are 7 cookies' on the board. 

The I wrote 'I ate 3' and we talked about what we could do to show 3 had been eaten. The children crossed out 3 cookies.

We talked about how many are left and wrote that on the board. 

You could practise some problems like this with your child, encouraging them to cross out how many are being taken away.


In RE this week we are answering the question 'Why do Christians think Jesus was special?'

Have a look at the following video clip below.


Ask your child to draw what Jesus might have looked like and write about why Christians believe he was special.




In Science we are continuing with our learning about materials. This week we are focussing more on the difference between the material and the object that is made from it. 

Watch the attached powerpoint presentation with your child and then have a go at the activities. 


Art and Design

Continuing with our book Aliens Love Underpants, this week will be answering the question 'Would the Aliens accept your pants?'

This work is going to be all about repeating patterns. We will be talking about what a repeating pattern is, starting with two variables eg red, green, red, green etc. Then we will talk about how the pattern could be made more complicated eg red circle, blue swirl, yellow square, red circle, blue swirl, yellow square etc. 

After experimenting with repeating patterns, draw a large pants outline for your child. Ask them to fill it with repeating patterns. This may be colouring, painting, printing, collage, any way you like. I would love to see some pictures of your pants if you can email them to the Class 4 email. 

Remembrance Day

On Wednesday the children will be learning about the significance of Remembrance Day. There is a powerpoint below that you could watch with your child that explain it in a child friendly way. 

Your child could write about why we celebrate Remembrance Day and perhaps make a picture of a poppy - this could be a drawing, a painting or a collage.