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Computing and Online Safety at Parklands

Computing at Parklands

The overall aim of the Computing Curriculum is to ensure that pupils understand how programs work and have the ability to  create new ones, as well as developing their ability to use a range of well known software packages and different technologies. 


At Parklands, children learn key skills in using the computer and are encouraged to become logical computational thinkers through opportunities to create and check simple programs. They are helped to recognise how different technologies can help us with a range of tasks, from creating digital images to simple desktop publishing.

A key part of the Computing Curriculum is online safety and at Parklands we ensure that all children are aware of how to keep themselves safe when working online and with different technologies. We use the character Smartie the Penguin to remind the children of the importance of staying safe online and this is also covered through our Parklands Person and PSHE curriculum. Please see the Online Safety section of our website for further information.



At Parklands we aim to promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all pupils across the school. All opportunities across the curriculum are exploited and computing is no exception as explained below: