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Friday 17th September 2021

English - Friday

Building on from yesterday's activity, please write a range of expanded noun phrases to describe these settings. I have given you some ideas below so you know what sort of sentences to write. 

In the ocean, I can see a vibrant, delicate fish swimming around the reef.

I can also see a majestic, old turtle gliding through the water. 

Maths - Friday

The children would have access to a number line in school or a number square to help them calculate: For example: for 13 - 4, they would find 13 on the number line or number square and count backwards 4 places, or desirably, they would calculate mentally. For example, for 36 - 8, they would 'put 38 in their head' and count back 8 using their fingers.

You may use the following calculations to practise!

Please see above (Thursday's maths section) the number lines or number square if desired!


9 - 3 =

10 - 5 =

7 - 4 =

13 - 6 = 

17 - 3 =

20 - 4 =

15 - 5 =

18 - 7 =

14 - 7 =


More tricky

45 - 3 =

67 - 6 = 

54 - 2 =

87 - 5 = 

73 - 4 =

87 - 3 =


Art - Friday

The children have been learning how to sketch using graded pencils. They have been focussing on creating shadows and shades as seen in these images below. Please grab a piece of a paper at home and practise drawing, sketching and shading in lions and sharks!

Computing - Friday

As our topic title is 'Which is mightier, the lion or the shark?' please challenge yourself to find as many weird and wonderful facts about sharks and lions! You may use any technology available to you to find the answers to these questions below.


How many rows of teeth can sharks grow? 

Where do lions live?

What do sharks eat?

What do lions eat?

Where do sharks live?

How many different types of sharks are there?

How do sharks breathe?

Why has the population of sharks decreased over the years?

Why has the population of lions decreased over the years?

What are baby lions called?

What are baby sharks called?