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Literacy at Parklands

Our aim is for all children to become competent readers and writers. All children at Parklands, including our Nursery Children have a reading book to practise at home and at school. Children are heard to read individually each week by a number of adults including their teacher. Our reading books are graded in 'book bands' and include a variety of schemes. Phonics and reading are taught through the Read, Write, Inc. programme. This programme was adopted by the school in October 2013 and takes a systematic approach to the teaching of phonics, reading and writing with built in intervention to ensure that children who are struggling don't get 'left behind'. To further stimulate creativity in writing we give our children many opportunities to write in cross-curricular ways. We understand that communication and language are the roots underpinning success in reading and writing which is why we ensure that all children from Nursery through to Year 2 have ample and various opportunities to explore their communication and language skills.