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Mrs Coates - co-opted

 Governor Role: Chair of Governing Body, Finance, School Improvement and Curriculum

Date Joined: July 2015

Committees: Policies, Finance, Pay, Personnel, School Improvement, Headteacher Performance    Management

Business Interests: None 


I'm Lesley Coates the Chair of Governors for Parklands Infant and Nursery School. This is a position I have held for a number of years. I have been a parent of children at Parklands, they are now grown and out in the world and I absolutely know that this school gave them an excellent start and they both have very fond memories of. I am still of the very firm opinion that Parklands cares for and encourages a love of learning at the start of every child's education in an exceptional way. I therefore have many years of experience; I have been on the interview panel for teaching assistants, mid-day supervisors and for two headships. I am on the Curriculum and School Improvement Sub-committes and also the Finance, Pay and Personnel Sub-committees and have helped to make decisions about spending Parklands' funds in the best way to help the children here at school now and to sustain buildings for the future. I am the Governor responsible for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and also one of the Governors responsible for the Performance management of the Headteacher.
The Governing Body at Parklands Infant and Nursery School are a strong, committed team with a broad skill set. I hope to continue to support the Headteacher, staff and, of course, the children into the future.