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Lockdown: Online safety advice for parents

 Knowing the facts during lockdown


Susie Hargreaves, Chief Executive of the IWF (Internet Watch Foundation), said: “We are bracing ourselves for a spike in reports. The pandemic is forcing more and more people to stay indoors, and a lot of people are going to be spending much more time on the internet and at home on electronic devices.


More people alone in their homes, and more people spending longer online sadly means we are likely to see more people stumbling across criminal material involving child sexual abuse on the internet. We are also expecting criminals to be more active on the internet during the coming months.


This could mean we’ll see an unprecedented number of public reports to our hotline as more people spot things that are not right and report it to us”.


In 2019, there was a record of 260,400 reports. This is up from 229,328 reports in 2018, an increase of 14%. Of these reports, 132,700 were confirmed to be of images or videos of children being sexually abused. This compares to 105,047 reports of child sexual abuse material in 2018 - an increase of 26%.




Parent Hub has produced a site that offers advice for parental control. It also explores how safe each social networking site is for your child. Please explore the link below. 



Attached is extra information that you may find useful. I recommend you give the leaflet and powerpoint a read as it may answer some of your questions involving the online world.