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Remote Learning

The Government expectation for infant learners is 3 hours per day. We aim to offer a mixture of live teaching, pre-recorded lessons, open ended activities, and set work to be available for all children each day. Activities for our Early Years Learners will be set via Tapestry, for our Key Stage 1 children lessons and activities will be available via Microsoft Teams. All Early Years parents/carers have also been sent a username and password for Microsoft Teams now so that your children can be involved in some live sessions with their class teacher and/or teaching assistant. Our expectation is that you will support your child with their remote learning as much as possible. 

To join live sessions we must insist that microphones are muted, we don't expect children to wear their school uniform but we would expect them to be dressed and be ready to work in an area where they can be supervised by you. 

Foe children needing a more individualised approach, work will be set in conjunction with their pupil support plan. Your child's class teacher will have already contacted you regarding this. 

We ask that any families struggling to access remote learning contact their class teacher via the class e-mail, or contact the school office to discuss options open to them and how we can best assist. 

Teachers will also be getting in touch with families to carry out welfare and well-being check. These will include any learners who haven't accessed any learning for a number of days. 


It is very important that any on-line activity is supervised and we encourage you to talk to your child about staying safe on-line. Please see the links below for practical help and advice.