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School Closure

Due to the school being closed on 16th September 2021, we have provided work for your child to do at home. This work is based on what we would have been doing in school. Please do not feel that you need to print off the resources as we appreciate that many of you won't have access to this. You can use the sheets as a guide and complete written work on paper. 



The sound today is ow- blow the snow. Watch the video in the link below. 



We are practicing counting forwards. Ask your child to count verbally up to 20. Can you say a number and they count on from that number? Have a go at finding the missing number sheet. 



We are learning about where we live. We are looking at different places around Long Eaton. Can your child name some places in Long Eaton. Look at the photos attached below and write a sentence about it. For example; This is West Park. You can swim here. Remember to use capital letters and finger spaces! 

Work for Friday 17th September.


The work set is RWI is the 'oo'- poo at the zoo. Watch the video link and then follow the video link for the spellings. 

For maths, we would like you to practice counting backwards from 20 and then try counting backwards from any random number.

For PE this term, we are focusing on throwing and catching. Try practicing throwing, catching and rolling a ball!  

If you have any questions, then please message the class email which is class4@parklands.derbyshire.sch.uk.


Hopefully we will see you all again on Monday! 



Monday 20th September


Today’s sound is oo (poo at the zoo)

The children could have a go at reading a selection of oo words (poo, zoo, spoon, moon, zoom)

It would be helpful if they could have a go at writing some of those words too.



Today we would like the children to consolidate last week's learning by

  • Practising counting forwards and backwards in 1's starting at different numbers.#
  • Can they draw their own tens frame (see image below) Can they show different ways of making numbers using their tens frame? e.g show 6/9/4 in different ways. 
  • Go on a nature walk around your garden/local area and count things that you see. How many birds did you see? How many leaves did you find on the ground?
  • Play a game of dominoes - Can you recognise each domino amount without counting the spots?
  • Make a number poster - Can you represent the number in different ways? (see image below)