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Week 1 (23.03.20 - 27.03.20)

Weekly tasks!

Week commencing 23.03.20

Topic Work

This week's weekly question is:

                                                  How is Kenya different to England?

Can the children research Africa and compare it to their own lives in England? 

They could carry out a safe online search looking at:

  • Jobs
  • Way of life
  • Transport
  • Schools
  • Weather



The children were beginning to write their own set of instructions, similarly to the example below (which was in preparation for their Art project!)

Can your child write their own set of instructions for baking a cake, playing their favourite game or planting a seed in the garden? (You might as well make the most of the sunshine!)


You must ensure your instructions contain:


 - Time words to sequence the instructions (first, next, after...)

 - A variety of adverbs to describe the verb (carefully, precisely, accurately)  

 - Adjectives to describe (damp soil, delicate seed)

Now read your instructions for someone to follow. Do they work? Can you think of any more adverbs to improve your set of instructions? Have you remembered capital letters and full stops?