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Week 10: 15.6.20 - 19.6.20

This week our weekly question is: How can you improve your lifestyle?

Now that you have begun to learn about the different food groups and created your own healthy plate, we would like you to think of your own lifestyle. Do you think you could improve your own lifestyle- a small change will do! Could you try a new vegetable or fruit? Can you eat more foods from different food groups which would result in an improved diet? Could you exercise a little bit more? A tiny, little change can sometimes make a huge difference! Could you clean your teeth more carefully so that your teeth are super, super clean? Do you ALWAYS wash your hands properly after you have been to the toilet?!


English/ Topic Work

Please share the ‘Good and Bad Hygiene’ power point below with your child as a prompt to talk about personal hygiene. Please discuss why it is important for humans to keep clean!


You could also fill in the missing words from the  'Having Good Hygiene' document. 

CHALLENGE: Can you explain the long term consequences of poor hygiene?


Mo Farah!




Mo Farah is the most successful British track athlete in Olympic Games history! Why not carry out some research about him or even watch one of his races!?! You may use the 'Healthy day for Mo' sheet below to plan a healthy day for him. Can you draw the hands on the clock to show what time you want Mo to eat his breakfast? Under 'Hygiene' you might want to remind him to have a shower or clean his teeth... properly! Can you think of and draw a healthy breakfast for him, suggest an exercise such as 20 push ups or go for a 15 minute jog?!

                                                        CAN YOU DO THE MOBOT?!




This week we will continue to learn about 2D and 3D shapes. 

Please share the following powerpoint presentation with your child. You may also cut out the shapes below, or if you don't have access to a printer, copy the shapes on to a piece of paper to sort them.