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Week 11 (22.06.20-26.06.20)


Please respond by Monday 29th June!

This week our question is: What are the Olympics?


Topic Work/English

Please use the pack provided below or do a safe search on the internet with a grown up to find out about the Olympics, including where the Olympics have taken place and which sports are included in the Olympic games! You may choose to write the information down taking any form you wish!  This could through a time line, a fact sheet or poster, a newspaper report or orally present your findings in a presentation. There is also a poem about the Olympics for you to read. Can you recite the poem using expression and fluency like a real poet? Can you learn parts off by heart? You could present it to your family using actions and movements! 



These are the Olympic rings. The design is symbolic.

Can you find out what the rings represent?

Could you create your own design for the Olympics?   


Teaching to tell the time can be a tricky concept for children to understand because it all sounds very confusing. So please teach it slowly! This is also where learning our 5 and 10 times tables come in handy!

Follow the steps on the links below to teach time in order, starting with analogue clock (not digital!)



Step 1:

To begin with, show your child the hour and minute hand and let them explore what these mean and how they work. Remind them that the minute hand is always longer than the hour hand.

Step 2: 

Start with 'o'clock. Discuss how the minute hand is always pointing to the 12 and the hour hand determines the hour. Ensure your child understands this before moving on.

Step 3:

When ready, explore half past times, showing how the minute hand is always pointing to the number 6.

Step 4:

After, move on to quarter to and quarter past times. 

Please find below a worksheet which can be printed off so your child can show the correct times. The links below are to work through throughout the week.