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Week 13 (06.07.20 - 10.07.12)

This week our question is: 

Can you beat your personal best? 



Topic Work/English: This week would have been our topic celebration.  We would be challenging you (and your parent/carer) to beat your personal best! We would ask you to look at the target that you set yourself in Week 1 and  see if you can meet that challenge! Hopefully all the training you have been doing will pay off! (If you have already beat it- very well done and can you improve your time/score even more?) 

If you haven't been able to beat you your PB then don't worry- as long as you have tried your best than that is what counts! 


Please use the template below to design your own medal. Your deserve it! CONGRATULATIONS!


You may choose to represent your 'attempts' in a graph to show your progress.


I would like you to now write a letter to a member of your family (someone who lives in your house!) or you could email your letter to me at class5@parklands.derbyshire.sch.uk. Please tell them about what you have learned about during this topic. What do you now know that you didn't before? Think about the healthy plate, exercises and the Olympics. Can you describe the healthy choice that you chose to change? Have you kept this up? Has this had an impact on your lifestyle? 

If you chose to clean your teeth for longer, are your teeth feeling cleaning and looking brighter?   


This week we are focussing on volume

It would be a lovely idea to find a measuring jug in your kitchen cupboard and create a practical lesson! 

The activities are below and this should guide you as to how to use your kitchen measuring jug. 

Vocabulary to know:

Capacity is the amount of liquid a container can hold.

Volume is how much liquid is in the container.