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Week 2: 30.3.20 - 3.4.20


Topic Work

This week we would have been celebrating and ‘bringing together’ all that we have learnt about Kenya this term in preparation for our topic celebration!

Our questions that we have explored are:

Where is Kenya and what is it like there?

Would a trek through Kenya be deadly?

What is it like to live in Africa?

How is Kenya different to England?

Your challenge is to create your own topic celebration and present to your family at home! I want you to think about the deadly plants and animals that are found in Africa, the weather, jobs, houses, transport and schools. You could also think about the Geography work that we carried out when we located Kenya on a map.


Your Topic Celebration could take the form of:

  • Creating a quiz for your family to take part in. You could create a quiz answer sheet with multiple choice answers.  
  • Creating your own presentation- you could use PowerPoint if you have access to this (monitored by an adult of course!) or create your presentation on paper.
  • You could create a poster or fact sheet showing all that you know about our topic!


  1. This week your child would have been using expanded noun phrases to write a riddle about an African animal. An expanded noun phrase is:  


(the adjectives must be separated with a comma!)


The children are more than familiar with using expanded noun phrases in their writing to add detail and we have recently been challenging them to widen their vocabulary choices by using a thesaurus. If you do not have a hardcopy of a thesaurus, you can access a thesaurus through Word on a laptop or a similar programme. (You could even create a bank of the WOW words you find!)


Example riddle: (use 6-8 clues!)


                                                  What am I?


I have 4 strong, furry legs and I am a carnivore.

If you come too close I might show you my bloodcurdling, sharp teeth!

     When you stroke my soft, thick fur it feels like silk between your fingers.

     My booming, loud voice will make you tremble with fear!

     My offspring are called cubs.

     I starred in my very own amazingly epic movie and my name was Mufassa.

     I am known as the King of the Jungle!


                                                    I am a….   LION!


The riddle will often need planning and the skill is to order the clues so that your animal is not revealed too soon but at the same time you don’t want the riddle to be too difficult as people should know the answer by the end!


CHALLENGE: Can you use different sentence starters at the beginning of your clues (not just ‘I am, I am…’) and don’t forget to use interesting expanded noun phrases!


2. Poem

Can you write a poem about Africa or an African animal? This could take the form of a rhyming or non-rhyming poem, an acrostic poem or a shape poem (words are written inside the shape of an animal).


This week we would have continued to learn fractions, moving on to 1/3 and 2/3 of shapes and objects, as well as consolidating 1/4 and 2/4. 

Below is a PowerPoint presentation to explore with your child, as well as a worksheet (which can be printed off or used as a prompt to answer, using the paper I gave your child at school). 

There is also a 'Challenge' for children who are secure in their understanding of fractions.  



When completing 'Fractions of numbers'- your child could use three A4 pieces of paper- fold the first sheet in half, fold the second sheet into quarters and the third sheet into thirds. Your child could use coins, counters, raisins, dried peas etc (any small object that you can find around the house!) to practically share out the numbers. Alternatively, your child could draw marks or dots to calculate the fractions.