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Week 4 (27.04.20 - 01.05.20)

Maths - statistics!

Statistics is a way of collecting and understanding information.

This week we will explore tally charts and pictograms!

A massive well done to two boys in particular who managed to find 22/23 different ways of making £7.53!

You can both go in the golden box when we return to school!


This week our question is: 

What famous inventors are there?


Please see below an example of a non-chronological report about inventors. This week your child would have created their own non-chronological report about inventors using their notes that they made last week. The example below can be used as a rough guide and there is also a blank template which can be downloaded. However, the report can be written on any paper (or word processed) in any format you choose!


The skill of using notes to write full sentences is a tricky skill in itself! I always demonstrate this by using the important key facts from notes taken- orally rehearse the sentence I want to write- then write it! Children should then go back and check that their sentence makes sense.


Ideally, the non-chronological report should contain an eye-catching title, subheadings and questions to make the reader think!  Please ensure sentences contain accurate punctuation including capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks and commas!


Topic Work

 Can you create a timeline to order the inventions? Be as creative as you wish!