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Week 5 (04.05.20 - 08.05.20)

This week’s question is: Are there any other inventions we can find out about?


English/Topic work

I would like you to pick an invention (or more than one!) that interests you or you feel has made your life easier. This could be anything from the invention of electricity, the light bulb, the bicycle to the first aeroplane flight!

Can you research facts about it? You could create a poster saying why you think it is such a great invention!


You may also order the ‘Appliance ordering’ worksheet below and give reasons for your choices. 

There is also a 'Reading Comprehension' task below which you may choose to complete!



This week we would focus on calculating change. For many children, finding change can be a tricky concept to understand. Please take things slowly when teaching this with your child!


I always teach children to calculate change by starting at the cost of the item that they want to buy, then count to the amount that they are paying with. 


For example:

If they had 20p and bought an apple for 12p, I would ask them to start at 12p, then 'count up' in ones to 20p.

Change = 8p. 


If they had 50p and bought an apple for 12p, I would ask them to start at 12p, then 'count up in tens then ones' to 50p: 12 + 10 (= 22p), 22 + 10 (= 32p) 32+ 10 (= 42p) then + 8 (= 50p.)

Change = 38p. 


However, your child may choose to use another method- this is fine! I always ask children to use the method which is best for them! Children may draw number lines, use column subtraction or draw pictures to help them! 


You may use the sheet provided below 'Change from 10p, 20p and 50p' to calculate change or even better, you could set up your own shop using real money! 

If you use the sheet provided below, children may choose to buy more than one item. Often the total is more than the amount that they have! This is a great opportunity to point out that in real life, if they don't have enough money, then they can't buy it!


CHALLENGE: Can you calculate change from £1.00 or beyond?