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Week 5 (04.04.20 - 08.04.20)

Maths - statistics

Vocabulary to use when teaching statistics

  • block diagram
  • block graph
  • compare
  • count
  • label
  • list
  • most common
  • least common
  • most popular
  • least popular
  • pictogram
  • sort
  • represent
  • table
  • tally
  • total

This week’s question is: Are there any other inventions we can find out about?


English/Topic work

I would like you to pick an invention (or more than one!) that interests you or you feel has made your life easier. This could be anything from the invention of electricity, the light bulb, the bicycle to the first aeroplane flight!

Can you research facts about it? You could create a poster saying why you think it is such a great invention!


You may also order the ‘Appliance ordering’ worksheet below and give reasons for your choices. 

There is also a 'Reading Comprehension' task below which you may choose to complete!