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Week 6: 11.5.20 - 15.5.20

This week’s question is: Can you create your own invention?


Topic Work

This week I would have asked you to think of and design your own invention!

This could take the form of a labelled diagram or poster (you may also use the sheet provided above!)

I would like you to tell me why you have created your invention (the problem), how your invention makes like easier and what your invention could be used for. You could even go a step further and MAKE your invention- however, only if this is possible using items around your home! It depends how complex or ambitious your invention is!!!!!!!



Please find above a document named ‘English.’ You will see images taken from the front covers of several fiction books relating to our topic. I would like you to pick one image (or more!) and predict what you think will happen in the story. Can you explain why you think this will happen?


Can you write the story based on your prediction?  


Maths - this week we would be learning all about Statistics! However, if your child needs to continue learning 'Money' - this is absolutely fine! Money is very complex and often takes lots and lots of consolidation (and patience I must add!). 


Statistics is a way of collecting and understanding information. This week we will explore tally charts!

Please also practise doubling and halving even numbers up to 10, 20 and (Challenge!) 50.



Why not have a go at completing the tally chart below, then you can create your own using the blank template! It can be about anything you want! You may want to write football teams down the side and ask people in your house which they prefer. Other options could be: favourite food, favourite colour or favourite film (give five choices to the people in your house).


CHALLENGE: Can you represent your data in a bar diagram? (Also known as a block graph!)