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Week 7 (18.05.20 - 22.05.20)

Maths - Length and height

English/Topic work


This week we would have asked you to create a persuasive piece of writing to convince a dragon (your parents/carers or teacher!) to choose your invention to win in preparation for our topic celebration!


I would like you to write your reasons as to why your invention should win! Please consider: What problem you invention solves and how it will make our lives easier. 

Present your text in any way you choose but it could take the form of... 


"Dear Mum,  

My invention is called the... It will solve... It is a great invention because it.... I think my invention should win because..."

P.E - Athletics


When we return to school, we will be learning about athletics. Let's get ahead of the game and get practising at home! Why not go to the park for your daily exercise and see how fast and far you can run?! 


These athletic exercises can be completed at home:

* How far can you hop on one foot without stopping?

* Can you speed bounce? This means quickly jumping left to right with two feet.


How do starting positions affect your speed? Time yourself!

* Lie down on the floor then run to a door.

* Sit down on your bottom then run to a door.

* kneel down then run to a door.

* Stand up with legs straight then run to a door.

* Stand in the running starting position then run to a door.