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Week 8: 1.6.20 - 5.6.20

This half term, our topic is all about being fit and healthy!

Our overarching question for the topic is: Could you beat the Ninja Warrior Challenge?

The children will be learning all about keeping fit and healthy. The children will soon be challenged to improve their fitness and to design and make a healthy meal!


This week our question is: What is the Ninja Warrior Challenge?

It would be great if you could show your child a clip of the TV series Ninja warrior on ITV (this can be found on Youtube or  ITV Hub) so that your child understands our overarching question for the topic.

Our Topic Celebration would involve your child sharing with you their healthy meal which they have designed and completing a physical challenge to gain a personal best!


Topic Work

I would like you to pick between 3 and 5 physical exercises. They could be skipping, hopping, jogging, running, balancing on one foot, 'keepy uppies' with a football, star jumps... any exercise at all!

I would like you to set a time/target, then count how many times your child can complete the action (for example, count how many star jumps they can do in 30 seconds, record the time they can balance on one foot etc). Once you have a starting point, please set a challenge with your child that you want them to achieve by the end of the term! For example, if they complete 21 star jumps in 30 seconds, you might want to set a target of 30 star jumps. Please ensure that it is a challenge for your child but not unrealistic as we want them to achieve the challenge!

If your child was at school, I would ask them to practise their exercises 2 to 3 times a week and log each attempt so that they can see their progress over the term. 

Please work with your child to create a table so that they can record their attempts. You might want to practise everyday or once a week. It is up to you! The whole family could even take part! 

We want the children to improve their fitness levels but most of all HAVE FUN. 



I would like you to draw your ideal outfit that you would complete in to win the Ninja Warrior Challenge! After you have drawn and coloured in your outfit, write a description to explain what it looks like and why you have chosen this outfit. Remember to use your expanded noun phrases (two adjectives placed together with a comma in between, for example... 'I will wear a bright, red'. Make your description even better by adding in coordinating and subordinating conjunctions to expand your sentences! For example, 'I will wear a bright, red top so that the audience can see me clearly' OR 'I have chosen to wear comfortable, padded trainers because I know I won't slip on the obstacles'. 



Our new unit of work is all about measurement.

Length and Height


It would be useful if you could look around the house to find a ruler! Once you have found a ruler, find 0 cm. Can you now measure a range of items in your house? Have a practise at measuring a range of items! Before you measure each item, can you estimate their measurement? How close can you get?

* Can you measure a pencil?

* Can you measure a DVD/game cover?

* Can you measure a spoon? 

* Can you measure a photo frame?

* Can you measure a soft toy?

* Can you measure your little finger?

* Can you measure your foot?


Measuring in metres

If you have a tape measure in your house, please use it to measure in metres! If you can't find a tape measure then don't worry!

 This will help your child 'see' what a metre looks like! 


1 metre is the same as 100 centimetres.

1 metre = 100 cm 


The link below will take you to an online measuring game. This is especially handy if you can't find any rulers at home!

https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/measuring-in-cm (Just click on 'Play Game' at the top of the page).


CHALLENGE: Can you measure to half a centimetre?