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Week 9: 8.6.20 - 12.6.20

This weeks question is: What should we put in a Ninja’s lunch box?


This week I want you to think about food groups. A ninja would have to eat a well balanced diet in order to be fit and healthy!

Topic work

Please use the above links to learn about what being 'healthy' means and you may create your own healthy plate using the different food groups. If you do not have access to a printer, your child could draw their own plate and food. 



This week we will be learning all about SHAPE. 

Can you name these common 2D and 3D shapes?



Please share the following powerpoint which explains properties of shapes. 

Children tend to remember the names of shapes by seeing them in the 'real world' and being able to touch them to count the sides, vertices etc. I always empty my kitchen cupboards and bring them into school to show the children different shaped containers- cans of baked beans, cereal boxes etc and let children explore them. 

Can you spot any of these shapes at home? 

Please discuss the following images below. Can you describe their properties?

Challenge: Can you complete the puzzle below?