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Week specific work for 1.6.20

Hello Class 4 and welcome to Summer 2!

I hope you have been enjoying the beautiful weather this half term.

Our big question for this half term is 'Will Sunny the meerkat survive a trip to the Arctic?' and the question we are focusing on this week is 'Who is Sunny and where does he live?'

In Maths this week we are focusing on counting in 5s so you can do lots of practise with your counting this week!

In PSHE this term we will be learning about being healthy.

Have fun, and remember to send me pictures of your work and let me know what you have been up to.

From Mrs Etchells


Literacy work:

Can the children describe who Sunny is and where he lives?  

Can the children write a post-card about who Sunny is, where he lives and why it's his favourite place to be?


I.e. Hello, I'm Sunny the Meerkat, I live in the Kalahari Desert. I like to live here because it is very dry and very hot! I have a large family and we play together, eat together, learn together and sleep together. I like to eat scorpions etc. 

For Geography I would like you to find out about the Equator and the North and South Poles. The powerpoint below will help you and then there is a map to label and colour. If you want a challenge you could write a few sentences about what each place is and what it's like. 

I have some Design and Technology work for you this week! 

Why not have a go at making a rain guage using the instructions below. I think we are forecast some rain later this week. Use your rain guage to record the rainfall and then you can either use the sheet below to record how much rain we have or make your own chart. 

For your Science work we are looking at different types of weather. Use the powerpoint below to find out about each weather type. Keep a weather diary every day this week, just like our weather chart we do every morning in the classroom. You can use the chart below or make your own - maybe you could use your rain guage to help? 

If you want an extra challenge, make a fact card for each type of weather with a picture and a bit of writing.