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Week specific work for 18.5.20

This weeks is our RE theme week and the question is 'How do religions welcome new members?'


We start this week by linking our work to Parklands. We answer the question 'How does Parklands welcome new children?'


Imagine there is a new child starting in Class 4.  Can you write about all the things you would want to tell them that you think are important? You might include something about the Parklands Person, the traffic lights, all about me and Mrs Barker, what happens at different times of the day, what our uniform is like, the lessons we do. You could include a little picture of each thing you write about. 


Our first RE question is 'Why and how do Christians celebrate Baptism?'  Below is a powerpoint you can watch all about this. 


Below are two worksheets you could complete about Christian Baptisms. The first one is a matching activity, the second one is a labelling activity and there are three different levels. The first one is easier and they get more difficult. You can choose which one you would like to do - go on, challenge yourself!!

For the final part of this week's work, I would like you to choose another religion of your choice and find out how they welcome babies. 

You can present your work how you like - you might draw, write, make a poster, use the computer. It's up to you.

Our Maths this week is all about counting in 2s.