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Week specific work for 20.4.20

Hello Class 4 and welcome to the Summer Term. 

Our big question for this half term is:

How did a nurse make the world a better place?

Our questions for this week is:

Who was Florence Nightingale?


Our Literacy work this week links to the History work. 

Use the powerpoint below to learn all about Florence Nightingale. When you have learnt all about her, write some sentencesabout her. The Learning Objective is to use 'and' to join two sentences together. 

Try to include who she was, what she did, her nickname etc. Make sure you write in your own words and don't copy the powerpoint. 


For your History work, have a look at the Florence Nightingale timeline powerpoint. It shows some of the important points in her life. 

Can you use the information in the powerpoint to make your own timeline of Florence Nightingale's life?Try to include pictures and writing. 

As a challenge task, can you find out something about the tributes to Florence Nightingale in Derby? What are they and why are they there?
Our PSHE work this half term is all about emotions. How many emotions can you think of? Can you make a list of them and draw a face for each one? Or maybe get someone to take a photo of you showing each emotion? As a challenge, you could think about what might make you feel each emotion.
Our Maths work this week is all about representing numbers to 50. 
Don't forget - if you are doing PE with Joe Wicks, you can add this exercise to your Steps 2 Summit mountain. All you need to do is email me at class4@parklands.derbyshire.sch.uk and I can send you the password.