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Week specific work for 23.3.20

For each week of term time I will be adding some activities that are specific to what the children would have been learning in school using our medium term plan. Remember for the remainder of the Spring Term (until Easter), the children still have the homework grid with spellings and other suggested activities.

Obviously some lessons we do at school are not easily done at home but I will suggest as many activities as I can to keep the children busy - have fun and good luck!

Watch the video clip below of the story Oliver's Vegetables by Vivian French.


Using the document below, print out the story cards and see if you can order them correctly to tell the story. 
For our writing outcome the Learning Objective for the week is to use 'and' to join two sentences. Can you show this by either re-writing the Oliver's vegetables story or writing your own version? Maybe you could use your own name instead of Oliver? You can use your own paper or even use a computer. I have added some themed paper below that you can use to write on if you want to.

In Maths, we would have been starting to look at numbers to 50. I have attached various tasks to be done throughout this week and any resources that you need. 

If you do not have access to a printer I will try to also add any online activities I can find that match the learning objectives. 

In Computing we have been using the App Scratch Jnr. This is a free app that introduces children to simple coding. 

If you download the app to a tablet or phone as your child to show you what they have learnt so far. This week we were going to learn about how to record a sound to go with a character - maybe see if your child can work out how to do it!

If you need any help the YouTube clip below will show you how to do it. 

In Science this week we were going to learn about healthy eating. Below I have attached some activities related to this that you can use including a recipe for vegetable soup linked to Oliver's Vegetabes - feel free to create your own healthy recipes!

In Art we were going to look at the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Maybe you could create a little project about him? Find out who he was, what he did and see if you can guess why we are learning about him in this topic. 

Can you create a piece of artwork in his style? Maybe photograph it and show me when we go back to 

school. If you don't have many real fruits or vegetables you could draw them instead.