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Week specific work for 4.5.20

Our question this week is:

Can you make a digital book about Florence Nightingale?

This week we are carrying on with our Florence Nightingale topic. If we were in school we were going to have a go at making a book with a computing focus! If your grown-ups can download an app called 'Book Creator' onto a tablet or phone, that would be fantastic! You can then have a go at making a book all about Florence Nightingale using all of the knowledge you have learnt, you could even add some pictures of her from the internet. If you do not have access to a tablet, do not worry you could have a go at making this on a word document!

The article below will give you instructions on how to use Book Creator.




For Maths this week we are comparing numbers. This is putting the more than/less than symbol (crocodile symbol) in between two numbers. Remember: THE CROCODILE ALWAYS EATS THE BIGGEST NUMBER!! You also sometimes need to equals symbol if the numbers are the same. 


The instructions for PSHE are on the document for you to have a read!

This week, on Friday, sees the celebration of 75 years since VE Day. 

Can you find out what VE was? What did it celebrate? Why was it important? 

You could create a piece of work of your choice all about it. You could send me pictures of your work or any celebrations you take part in with your family. 

Below is a powerpoint you could use to help you find some information. 


Many thanks to the parents/pupils who have sent lovely emails and letters. I have loved seeing the videos and photos of your work and hearing what you have been getting up to.

#Stay safe