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Well-being and physical activities

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Welcome to PE Skill School!


TLG-PE who provide us with our excellent PE scheme of work have been thinking of ways to support parents at home with keeping children active. 


They have created a resource called PE Skill School at Home. This is 8 challenges that have been specially adapted for children to do at home. They can be done with equipment most of you will have at home. If you click the link below it will take you to the challenges - have fun!!


You can do these just for fun, or you could email me to keep a record of your scores - these can then be shared and we can celebrate how many children are completing the challenges and beating their own scores.



Steps 2 Summit

You may have heard your child mention Steps 2 Summit. Here are videos linked to our Steps 2 Summit physical activity programme that the children complete daily at school. You will need to download a free QR Code reader to access this. You can now use Steps 2 Summit at home by following the training videos and by recording it on the activity sheets, both available below.


Have fun and happy stepping!


Exciting news!

As you may be aware, we have been using the Steps 2 Summit programme this year for our daily physical activity. 

There was information posted above that linked to the training videos. 

However the brilliant staff at TLG-PE have now come up with something even better!

Each child has had a login generated for Steps 2 Summit on which they can record any physical activity they do straight onto their mountain. There is even a button to link to Joe Wicks PE so that can be recorded in km - I know a lot of you have been doing this so this s a great addition.

Obviously we can't post each child's individual password on the website. 

If you would like the details for your child, please email me at

class5@parklands.derbyshire.sch.uk  and I will email you your parent/carer letter with all the details. 


Come on Class 5 - let's see how far up the mountain we can get!!

Good luck!

Currently in P.E

We have been learning a variety of skills in order for us to learn to play Tennis. We have been learning how to use forehand and backhand but we had to learn to keep an eye on the ball first! During self-isolation time, it would be useful if you could play throwing and catching with your child and recap the rule of keeping their eye on the ball (as this helps them to catch more accurately!) If you are working from home, provide your child with a ball (any ball will do!) and they can throw the ball at a brick wall and catch it as it bounces off. 

Previously, your child has learnt how to play dodgeball. They can use these skills when playing a game of tennis (dodging and attacking). 

Active learn and mindfulness

Joe Wicks will do a PE lesson every morning at 9 o'clock for half an hour. Why not join him?

Please use the link below! Have FUN!


Joe Wicks 



Cosmic Yoga


The children in Class 5 absolutely love using Cosmic Yoga to relax to! There's a Pokemon and Minecraft version too!


Just Dance


Self-isolating can be a pretty boring time for a child when they can't run around outside and burn off steam! Just Dance is a great way for children to unwind, be active and have some fun during this difficult time. 


Smiling Mind


Smiling Mind is a website to support children in times of crisis. It's also a guide to support emotional well-being with trauma informed mindfulness. 


Super Mover


This BBC website teaches KS1 children the curriculum through the use of active learn and movement. It focuses on times tables, grammar and punctuation.


Classroom Secrets


Ensuring that your child is still able to learn at home by using a range of home schooling activities to use.