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What are we learning about this half term?


The question for this half term is 'Why can't Sunny the meerkat live at the Arctic?'


The questions we will be exploring are:


  • What is it like where Sunny the meerkat lives?
  • Which animals live in cold places like the North and South Pole?
  • How do polar animals keep warm?
  • Where could we go to see animals from different countries?
  • What do we mean by hot and cold colours?
  • What would Sunny do on a holiday to a hot or cold place?
  • How do different religions welcome new members? (RE theme week)

Remember to ask your children about these questions to test their knowledge!



In Maths this term we have lots planned. We have now started our exciting new maths programme called Power Maths, which we will be using in all lessons to help us develop our maths skills! Our main focus for this half term is multiplication and division. Remember to practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s at home to help your child at school!  

Remember to keep working on Mathletics to get your certificates. Well done for your efforts so far, it has been a huge success!