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What are we learning about this half term?

The overarching question for this half term will be: Could we guide Wally around the UK?

We have lots of exciting lessons planned for your child's first half term in Year 1! Our topic is based on Geography. We will be looking at the four countries of the United Kingdom, so please ask your children what they are so they remember!

Each week we will have a particular question that we will answer and then the children will answer these questions at the end of term with our topic celebration! 

Our weekly questions are:

Where do we live?

Which countries make up the UK?

What do we like/dislike about Long Eaton?

Where in the UK has Wally been?

How do we know the UK is an island?

How can Wally navigate around the UK?


Our first week, we will be having a well-being week to ensure that the children are settled in!