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What are we learning about this half term?


The question for this half term is 'Is there a deadly plant in your garden?'


The questions we will be exploring are:


  • What plants do you know?
  • What happens if you don't look after a plant??
  • Can plants hurt you?
  • Do we eat plants?
  • Can you use plants to make a healthy snack?
  • What do different people believe about Creation? (RE theme week)

Remember to ask your children about these questions to test their knowledge!



In Maths this term we have lots planned. We are working hard on our Power Maths, which we use in all lessons to help us develop our maths skills! Our first focus for this half term is deepening the children's understanding of numbers up to 20, especially looking at place value. We will look at addition and subtraction to 20. 

Next we will have a unit on 2D and 3D shape followed by beginning to introduce activities with numbers to 50.