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What are we learning this half term?

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This half term we will soon find ourselves training to be palaeontologists and will undertake a study of dinosaurs and habitats to show that we can be the next big palaeontologist! Thank you so much for your kind donations and sponsorship from our previous topic- we are delighted to tell you that enough funds were raised so that we can invite a palaeontologist into school to work with your child in December!

Our big question for this half term will be:


Can we follow the dinosaur footprints?

Was the Tyrannosaurus Rex the biggest dinosaur?

Were all dinosaurs deadly?

Can you make your own dinosaur documentary?

Would you make a good palaeontologist?


We will be learning about the continents and world oceans and through this we are hoping to develop our independent research and map skills. We will of course continue to focus on Reading, Writing and Maths and these areas will be incorporated into our topic focus. If you have any resources or knowledge which may be helpful, please let us know!


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