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Work for week 13.7.20

Good morning Class 3,


The final week of term! What a strange time it has been! This week would have been transition week so I am going to put some activities on here that you can give to your new teacher in September to tell them all about you! 


I hope you are all well and enjoy the summer holidays!! 

Miss Westbrook 


All about me booklet for your new teacher

Year 2 Resolutions speech bubble

In the resolution speech bubbles, I would like you to write your resolutions for year 2 linking it to the Parklands Person. What kind of Parklands Person are you going to be in year 2 and how?


example: In year 2, I will be a more Kind Parklands person by...

The Parklands people are kind, positive, polite, respectful, safe, important.

You may want to write more than one sentence! :)