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Work for Week 30.3.20

This week is our RE theme week where we are answering the question - What do different religions believe about Creation?


Can you find out about what two different religions believe about Creation - you could research Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism or another religion of your choice.

You can include anything you like in your research - writing/drawing  what people believe, Art work etc. 

As a challenge can you compare the two religions you chose and see how their beliefs are different?


This week's Maths work is all about tens and ones to 50 - this looks at how numbers are made up of tens and ones. This is called partitioning.

In Computing we have been using the App Scratch Jnr. This is a free app that introduces children to simple coding. 

If you download the app to a tablet or phone as your child to show you what they have learnt so far. This week we were going to learn about how to create a more complex series of instructions using everything they have learnt - see what your child can do!

If you need any help the Scratch Jnr website gives information about all the blocks.

For Science this week I would like you to think about sources of light. How many sources of light can you think of? How many do you have in your house? Can you draw and label as many as you can?

The game below may help you with ideas.