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Work for week 4.5.20

Good morning class 3.

Welcome to another week of virtual learning. I hope you are all okay!


This week we are carrying on with our Florence Nightingale topic. If we were in school we were going to have a go at making a book with a computing focus! If your grown-ups can download an app called 'book creator' onto your tablets, that would be fantastic! You can then have a go at making a book all about Florence Nightingale using all of the knowledge you have learnt, you could even add some pictures of her from the internet. If you do not have access to a tablet, do not worry you could have a go at making this on a word document! Here is an article that describes how the app works: https://support.bookcreator.com/hc/en-us/articles/201908301-Your-first-book


For maths this week you are comparing numbers. This is putting the more than/less than sign also known as the little crocodile sign in between two numbers. Remember: THE CROCODILE ALWAYS EATS THE BIGGEST NUMBER!! smiley but where the numbers are equal, you need to use an equals sign.

This week it is VE day, could you research some facts about it. Maybe you could find out what it is, why it is important etc. and you could even let us know if you have any plans for the day?


The instructions for PSHE are on the document for you to have a read!

Enjoy your week. Missing you all lots! Remember to email me pictures of your work and things that you have been getting up to. I have loved seeing your pictures. Some of you have even written letters to me which I have loved reading!

From Miss Westbrook



p.s. I have attached a couple of workbooks that the children can use to recap some learning we have already done in school, children should be able to complete these independently.



Work packs with maths and literacy